31 May 2010

thoughtfulness of friends

I turned 30 on the weekend. Celebrated with friends and family. Had a great time. I plan to post party photos when I get them. I didn't take any myself. I just wanted to share the joy of my loot and the thoughtfulness of my friends in their giving.

I got some lovely flowers, so bright and cheery. Yummies. Presents that remind me of the givers. Useful things like that heat bag with a knitted pink cover, Spotlight giftcard (will be so fun to spend), hoodie, jewellry and funky mugs. Handmades--the softie doll and a little beautifully glazed starfish shaped pottery bowl.

Treasures!! One's both useful and thrilling that I look foward to getting into. Bunches of yarn and even some fibre from various givers. The anticipated Knitting and Crochet Bible--Mum and Dad got it at my suggestion back in early April. The first half of the book is knitting and the second half crochet and each section contains heaps of nifty knowledge, quite a range of different stitiches and patterns, ideas and useful tips and projects to make. My brother and his wife thoughtfully sent me a book of the cutest arigurumi patterns and I am quite eager to get started on some of them. And a great, long-time friend gave me the sewing book which is antique treasure of sewing know-how. I also have been assured by one friend that a present is still to come and another present involves waiting for a specific time...which leaves me curious and anticipating.
My friends have done so well in making me feel specifically thought of in their present giving which also makes me feel special and loved. Thanks all.

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  1. Happy 30th birthday!
    Lovely gifts you received, what a lucky gal!