28 May 2010

mystery sold

Last night I went to Australia's Biggest Morning Tea! Well, it was the annual event (participated in all around the country--mostly actually in the morning, unlike the one I went to) to raise funds for the Cancer Council. Some ladies from my church organised one that also involved a mystery auction. We had to bring a gift up to $10, pre-wrapped and ready for auction. I was working on some handmades for my gift. We had the most scrumptious "morning tea" and chatted and then it was time to bid for a mystery! I think mine sold for around $16 and contained the following...
Two gorgeous crocheted beanies. Perfect mystery gifts if you ask me. For one, this is raising money for cancer research and it's nigh winter and chilly. The little kiddy-sized one with ears is so cute and crocheted from a free pattern by Just Be Happy.
The other was a design-as-I-crochet. I used some of my Sean Sheep wool. It turned out well that the lady who bought it loved it. Loved the colour. Loved the design. Loved beanies. That was a bonus. She said she was gonna look up my online store too as I'd tagged them both with my logo and care instructions.
As for me, I won a smaller gift. Not particularly my style of thing but that's how a mystery auction goes. You just never know what you're actually going to get. But it's all for a good cause and was a good night.


  1. love that beanie with ranies, the design and colors are fabulous!
    thank you for linking me, I really appreciate it!!


  2. And the greens are even nicer in real life. So funny that the woman who won it had a woolly beanie on at the time. hehehe.