10 May 2013

needle wrap 3.1 upgrade

A couple of years ago, just before venturing to the UK, I made my travel friendly needle wrap.  I really liked it.

However, after a couple of years of use, I started to form some ideas for improvements.  So when I got my desk back from the babysitters I pulled out my old sewing machine and got snipping and sewing.  I had decided to put a little zip pocket on one of the panels for all the tidbits that can't easily be kept loose like stitch counters and stitch markers etc.  I made the little "pencil case" with the same fabric and made it all matching.  Now, I and 'sewing zips' don't work so well together.  We had some disagreements and misunderstandings that the stitch unpicker had to come and mediate.  We came to an agreed understanding and whilst it's not as good as it could have been (more practise will get us working smoothly together in future) I'm happy enough the with result.  I did, however, have a change of plans when it came to sewing the pocket onto my wrap and opted to just sew one end allowing it to flip up and still use the slots underneath.  I also gave some inbetween stitching to the larger slots so they more snuggly hold my thinner needles and hooks.  Wah-la!  Needle wrap 3.1.  And I'm smiling bigger than before.

 You can also see that over the past two years I've upgraded the supply list too. ;)

03 May 2013

back in Oz sale

Hi everyone!!  I'm back in my homeland.  Good old Australia.  Or should I say young?  After two years in England and travelling round Europe I realise how Australia's hundreds of civilized years are not that old.

I've been back a month now and spent some good time catching up with people and adjusting back to Aussie life.  To celebrate my return I'm having a sale in my online store.  So pop on over to kelgellcreations in the Artfire neighbourhood to check out some bargains.

There's 30% off everything in stock!!  Sale ends 15th May.