23 May 2010


Oh yarn and sticks, how I've missed thee! With all this birthday celebration organising and creating I haven't squeezed in much yarn work lately. I decided to go to an event being held at my church building which is Australia's Biggest "Morning" Tea to raise money for the Cancer Council. (The quotation marks are because it's being held in the evening.) Part of the night will include a mystery auction. We are suppose to take something wrapped to be auctioned so I decided to make some things with the yarn in my stash. This is my current progress. Two things. I'll show you after the event takes place. I started these yesterday and boy, does it feel good for my fingers to be hookin' away. One I'm designing as I go and the other is from a pattern from the lovely, Just Be Happy!
Also, as my birthday is coming up, Spotlight decided to give me a present. How nice of them! Well, they gave me $10 to spend. I've been wanting a basket for a while and eyeing a particular one off. They decided to have a sale too on just a few of the baskets and I quite liked this one. It was cheaper than the one I was originally looking at so I didn't have to throw in as much extra cash. It's loveliness sits beside the couch I most often sit in, next to my mother/child lamp, and holds my current yarnie projects. One day I'd love to get a funky cosy chair to replace my dodgey couch. Then I would have the perfect little yarning corner.
Ok, back to my hookin' now. My fingers haven't had enough today.

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  1. By the time you get a comfy chair, your ginormous yarn stash will need a cupboard :D