24 June 2009

making of another kind

Often referred to as cooking or baking, I set to work yesterday preparing to please the crowds. My community group met for the last time for this term and had dinner together. We just ordered pizza (which was delicious) but I took dessert. I whipped up some simple caramel tarts, some jelly slice which is usually popular and the requested choc chip biscuits. Mmm. Now that's delightful creating. Consumption enjoyed by all.

19 June 2009

yarn projects bag

I've just been using an oversized enviro-bag to carry my WIPs (Work In Progress) around. And it's getting holey so sometimes my needles stick out. So I decided to head up to the nearby Savo's opshop and see what I could find. I ended up with this. It's a good size--not too big but big enough to fit a few projects in and long enough to fit knitting needles inside. I only had to make a donation for it too. I didn't like the long handles so I twisted them round and wound some green 4ply cotton around the handles to make them stay there. I think it's a great improvement. Now it's easier and funkier to cart my WIPs with me.

I also bought some sock yarn the other day with a gift voucher from a friend. Moda Vera Noir in Fantasia. I haven't knitted anything but flat rectangles so it will be interesting to see how I go. But after our Knit In Public Day gathering I'm inspired to give it a go...not to mention that the socks my sister knitted me for my birthday are superwarm and cosy.

15 June 2009

knit in public day

I joined some other yarn-loving people on Saturday morning for worldwide Knit in Public Day! Was a bit of fun too. I sat there with my mocha and delicious mudcake with Sam, Jack, my sister, Tammy, and Joey and yakked and turned yarn into useful things. It was fun to knit socially instead of just at home alone...though technically I crocheted. They're all better knitters than I am. I haven't been knitting as long and I'm also not as crazy about yarn as they seem to be. I dabble in a wide variety of craft. :) It was a very pleasant morning though and it did leave me wanting to have a go at knitting socks.

12 June 2009

nothing finished

I feel like a real crafty person now! I'm joining the ranks. I have a line of projects on the go. Ha ha. That's why I haven't blogged in a while...coz nothing's finished yet.