27 July 2009

bah!! outta yarn...

How frustrating! I'm stuck on my socks at the moment so I started creating some mittens with some wool I dyed at my sister's a while back. I got one lovely mitten mostly done and wasn't sure if I'd have enough for the rest so I started the second. My hoping was to no avail. Bah! Outta yarn. And I can't just go buy some more coz I dyed it myself. No re-doing that colour! Now I've gotta use my creativity to solve this little problem so I won't have to scrap the whole idea. I have some plans so we'll see what happens... For now I'm off to cook some cinnamon rolls instead.

20 July 2009

sock ahoy!

Look at my sock work! It's going pretty well. It's at least looking like a sock so far. I've had to fix a few dropped stitches but nothing that I'm not able to cover up. He he. It's been pretty easy so far. But a few more rows and I'll be on to the tricky part. That will be the test.

17 July 2009

sheep and wool show

I went with my sister, Tammy, to the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show today. We had a great time!! Just the two of us (no kids) and a whole day to roam the sheds and buy some treasures. It took us quite a while to find what really interested us...there were lots of live sheep on show. But where's the yarn and gadgets!? We did find it thankfully. So much nice stuff. Tammy had been saving for months so she got to go home with more including a drop spindle made from a banksia and an umbrella swift which is incredibly useful to turn a skein into ball of yarn. There really was quite a lot to see and I enjoyed myself a lot more than expected. I left with a sigh and wishing I'd had more money to spend there. It was worth going though. So worth it.
Here's Tammy trying her hand at spinning wool. Her hand didn't manage so well. Ha ha. It's a lot harder than it looks.Anyone want a beer? A good one to buy and shove in with your mate's stash for a fun joke...they're all made of wood!

Checking out some wooden gizmos...the guy was showing us how to use a drop spindle.
And my few treasures...bamboo circular needles, a small skein of Aussie Merino and a big skein of Aussie Silk Merino, my bonus for babysitting the night before...paid in yarn! Mmm so nice.

08 July 2009

home tweet home

Finished this this week. It's a journal, coptic bound, cardboard cover wrapped in birdhouse printed paper with an original artwork piece on the front. A little bird painted in watercolour by me. It turned out really well and I quite like it. It's for sale in my artfire store. You can see more photos there too.

04 July 2009

i'm a socker

I've cast on yet another project before completing any other ones! But I'm ready to try something a little more challenging than flat rectangles. So after being inspired by all the sock knitting I've seen recently I decided to spend a voucher on some sock yarn and have a go myself. I'm using Moda Vera Noir in Fantasia and my sister gave me some lovely wooden doublepointed needles to use. I love knitting with wooden needles. So I began. I've already made loads of mistakes--ha ha--most of which I've ignored. Ü It's fun to have a go at something new and a bit more challenging. Have to finish some of my other projects though. My WIPs bag is getting a bit overfull. He he.

01 July 2009

on with creating

Doesn't this look delicious? Taste pretty good too. It's a Hazelnut and Pear Torta. Found it in a Delicious magazine and thought I'd try it. I don't have a tart tin so mine is rectangle. I've been thinking about trying new recipes just to add some flavour and adventure to everyday life. Good to finally getting around to this one.

I've been doing some other making this week too. Haven't done too much lately but I got some new ideas and have been working on them. You can see another journal forming and a page that's done for my scrapbook. Man, I am sooooo behind in scrapbooking! This page takes me to about May 2007! They are the boys I cared for in the USA for a year.