28 January 2011

dying in luxury

I have a rainbow project in mind and wanted to use Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury. Warm and soft. But I didn't need 200gms of the colours I wanted so my sister suggested I get white and dye it myself. So that's what I did.
I bought three balls of Frost and split them into six skeins and then got cooking.
The first lot I soaked in a vinegar water mix for half an hour and then dropped in some yellow food colouring. Only, since I had it soaking already the colour disappeared from the water before I could mix it properly. So I added some cochlea food colouring to go with orange.

And did some more colours. This time lifting the yarn out of the water, putting the dye in the water and then the yarn back in. It dyed more evenly though most colours have a few shades. The green has some speckles of white but I kinda like it.

The day was nice so I hung my work out to dry. It took a bit longer than I thought and I was almost late to my nephew, Zachary's, first birthday party. I was mostly happy except, even though using 1.5 bottles of cochlea food dye, I still got pink. Thanks to my sister, again, I realised pillar box red is what I was after. I knew I didn't want rose pink but did you know not all supermarkets stock pillar box red? Yeah, didn't want pink so back to the stove.
Cochlea overdyed with pillar box red. I dyed it once but it had a bit too much pink showing through so I went back for another round. Ha. I was too rushed this time. I didn't soak it long and probably didn't cook it long enough either. Ding. Ding. Round three.

You usually get a bit of dye in the wash. This pic isn't so bad. The one before it was really red.

After a wash it needs a good rinse. It seemed to take ages for the water to finally run clear. But when it was done and dry... Oo oo. ^^ Rainbow Luxury!!! Oh, hand-balled yarn is so lovely and round. Watched a few movies getting it that way too.

Now I just have to wait for my black on back order so I can begin.

26 January 2011

new starts

Started this new amigirumi this week. A little something special for a new little someone. :b Not telling what it is though. He he he.
Started this one a couple of days ago. This one is going to be my new travel-friendly needle/hook case. Since getting some KnitPro circulars for Christmas I've discovered the awesomeness of them not only in use but also in transport. They'll fit in here alongside my crochet hooks which are also from the nice KnitPro selection. I'll show you this project in detail when it's done. I'm estimating it'll be finished by the end of the week.
I'm also working on another project I'll show you later. The pixie beanie is aside at the moment. I'm not sure it's currently turning out as I'd hoped. I'll get back to it later. Won't need it's warmth for a while yet.

12 January 2011

making a pixie

I had an idea in my head for a beanie. I had the perfect yarn in my stash just waiting. And then came Christmas. My younger bro and his wife gave me a couple of knit pro 3.75mm circular needles. Oh they're divine! I'm definitely going to buy some more sometime. New year's day (the day after our family Christmas) I got started. I did a 6 row knit roll on the bottom. I think now I should have done a bit more than that but no matter. I'm doing one section of a twin leaf pattern like a streak up the beanie that I will wear off centre. After my roll I garter stitched for about 6 rows to stop the roll. In the garter rows I also did a section a 2x2 ribbing opposite the twin leaf streak. It's there for a little extra stretch and for interest.

Here is my current standing. I stuffed the leaf pattern at the bottom a bit so it's a bit out of sorts on one side but I realised too late to frog it. So far the twin leaf is not showing up so well but I plan to block this section when I'm done. Mostly I think it's because of the colours in the yarn which is the gorgeous Colinette Cadenza in Toscana. It has a lovely green base with smudges of rainbow colours. I love it. It's perfect for a pixie beanie. I'm just starting to shape the top now.

It should look something like this when I'm done. I'm keeping track of what I'm doing so I can possibly make it again and maybe even attempt to write it up and share it.

05 January 2011

the quilt

Since the quilt for my first niece took way longer than expected and I end up giving it to her for Christmas 9mths after her birth, I've made it tradition. Each of my nieces and nephews have received an Auntie-Kelly-made quilt for their first Christmas. This Christmas just gone was Zachary's first. So here's the quilt I made for him.

I found the fabric I used for the back side and loved the cogs. I decided I had to do robots with his theme colour being red. I played around with some sketches until I came up with this design and then with the border sewn on I laid out newspaper and did the sketch to the size I needed it. Then I sorted through my fabric stash and cut out the appropriate pieces. I cut out some cogs for the big robot to tie it in with the backing. I hand stitched the eyes for a different effect and also stitched on button buttons for texture. I stuffed it with sheet polyester stuff that I actually split in half to make it thinner. It insulates really well so the quilt will keep him very cosy in the winter. I stitched it all up and happily gave the robot friends to Zachary.
He happily recieved it. He seemed particularly cheery after opening this present. I'm not sure how much that means this not quite one year old likes the actual present but it made me feel good. I like the robots. And I love Zachary.

03 January 2011

made for christmas

Here's a couple of gifts I made for Christmas. My 2yo neice has become very girly after discovering necklaces and dresses so I made her this necklace. I got the idea from one I'd seen another little girl wearing. I bought a few wooden beads and some buttons but mostly used what I had in my stock. It's funky, colourful, kiddish and fun. Apparently she wasn't too keen on wearing it until her little brother grabbed it. Unfortunately it broke in the struggle so is now slightly shorter. I wasn't quite sure that two cotton threads with beads would be very strong. Oh well.

And here is the Granny Square Cushion cover I've been working on for ages. I started out making this for myself with some super fat acrylic yarn coz I wanted it to take shape quickly. That was...oh early to mid last year. I used a 9mm hook too. Anyways, when I did some possession culling in my last move I decided not to keep it but instead make it a Christmas present for my 10yo neice.

I eventually got the pieces done and attached together in a row. It took me a while to get the lining right. It just didn't work as simply as I had imagined. I lined it with a scrap peice of blue/grey knitted fabric so it has a coloured base when you see the holes rather than the white of the cushion. Neat tip I got from Lucy.

Also went and bought some big buttons to fasten it with. Big buttons are more expensive than I thought though. I settled for these ones coz they weren't quite as much as the others and the colours match alright. They give it a little glamour too.
There is also the traditional handmade present by me for family 1st Christmases. But I'll save that one for another post.