31 May 2010

thoughtfulness of friends

I turned 30 on the weekend. Celebrated with friends and family. Had a great time. I plan to post party photos when I get them. I didn't take any myself. I just wanted to share the joy of my loot and the thoughtfulness of my friends in their giving.

I got some lovely flowers, so bright and cheery. Yummies. Presents that remind me of the givers. Useful things like that heat bag with a knitted pink cover, Spotlight giftcard (will be so fun to spend), hoodie, jewellry and funky mugs. Handmades--the softie doll and a little beautifully glazed starfish shaped pottery bowl.

Treasures!! One's both useful and thrilling that I look foward to getting into. Bunches of yarn and even some fibre from various givers. The anticipated Knitting and Crochet Bible--Mum and Dad got it at my suggestion back in early April. The first half of the book is knitting and the second half crochet and each section contains heaps of nifty knowledge, quite a range of different stitiches and patterns, ideas and useful tips and projects to make. My brother and his wife thoughtfully sent me a book of the cutest arigurumi patterns and I am quite eager to get started on some of them. And a great, long-time friend gave me the sewing book which is antique treasure of sewing know-how. I also have been assured by one friend that a present is still to come and another present involves waiting for a specific time...which leaves me curious and anticipating.
My friends have done so well in making me feel specifically thought of in their present giving which also makes me feel special and loved. Thanks all.

28 May 2010

mystery sold

Last night I went to Australia's Biggest Morning Tea! Well, it was the annual event (participated in all around the country--mostly actually in the morning, unlike the one I went to) to raise funds for the Cancer Council. Some ladies from my church organised one that also involved a mystery auction. We had to bring a gift up to $10, pre-wrapped and ready for auction. I was working on some handmades for my gift. We had the most scrumptious "morning tea" and chatted and then it was time to bid for a mystery! I think mine sold for around $16 and contained the following...
Two gorgeous crocheted beanies. Perfect mystery gifts if you ask me. For one, this is raising money for cancer research and it's nigh winter and chilly. The little kiddy-sized one with ears is so cute and crocheted from a free pattern by Just Be Happy.
The other was a design-as-I-crochet. I used some of my Sean Sheep wool. It turned out well that the lady who bought it loved it. Loved the colour. Loved the design. Loved beanies. That was a bonus. She said she was gonna look up my online store too as I'd tagged them both with my logo and care instructions.
As for me, I won a smaller gift. Not particularly my style of thing but that's how a mystery auction goes. You just never know what you're actually going to get. But it's all for a good cause and was a good night.

23 May 2010


Oh yarn and sticks, how I've missed thee! With all this birthday celebration organising and creating I haven't squeezed in much yarn work lately. I decided to go to an event being held at my church building which is Australia's Biggest "Morning" Tea to raise money for the Cancer Council. (The quotation marks are because it's being held in the evening.) Part of the night will include a mystery auction. We are suppose to take something wrapped to be auctioned so I decided to make some things with the yarn in my stash. This is my current progress. Two things. I'll show you after the event takes place. I started these yesterday and boy, does it feel good for my fingers to be hookin' away. One I'm designing as I go and the other is from a pattern from the lovely, Just Be Happy!
Also, as my birthday is coming up, Spotlight decided to give me a present. How nice of them! Well, they gave me $10 to spend. I've been wanting a basket for a while and eyeing a particular one off. They decided to have a sale too on just a few of the baskets and I quite liked this one. It was cheaper than the one I was originally looking at so I didn't have to throw in as much extra cash. It's loveliness sits beside the couch I most often sit in, next to my mother/child lamp, and holds my current yarnie projects. One day I'd love to get a funky cosy chair to replace my dodgey couch. Then I would have the perfect little yarning corner.
Ok, back to my hookin' now. My fingers haven't had enough today.

13 May 2010

the simple and the time consuming

Creating comes in all forms and sizes. You don't have to be a crafter or have an artistic flare to be creative....though I am and it's my most enjoyed form of creating.

I'm having a 1920s party to see out my 20s later this month and I've been spending most of my free time creating for that. As is common for me I find my projects are more time consuming than expected. In the last couple of weeks it's been my dress for the event. I'm not giving anything away. You'll have to wait for photos from the celebration to see but I can say that it's gone from dress making to costume making. I was originally thinking it might turn out nice enough to re-wear another time. But alas, I am me and rarely follow a pattern exactly. This leads to interesting hiccups and cover ups. So in my mind its more of just a costume now. I've got it to the wearable stage but am now moving on to my hairpiece (and other things that need organising). Then if I run out of time to do the detailing I have in mind it at least won't look unfinished. So to stuff I will show you...
I bought some packets of basic painted wooden beads while they were on special some time ago with the intention of doing just as pictured. In the spirit of the creating moment I threaded the red beads onto a double strand of plastic elastic yesterday. It's that thin rubbery stuff..not wrapped in cotton like hat elastic. Probably not quite plastic either but it rhymes so nicely. ^^ Such a simple necklace but fun with a touch of elegance.

And the yarn!! I keep forgetting to take a photo of it so when I remembered today, during daylight, I made sure I did. I participated in a yarn swap a while ago where you're given a partner and you send each other some yarn. It's most exciting knowing a parcel is coming, and receiving it, not knowing exactly what goodness you're gonna be blessed with. Well, Alessandra from Just Be Happy was the organiser and my swap partner. She sent me these lovely, pure wool skeins of deep, dark purple and a matching lighter shade. I have some ideas floating around but they are patiently waiting as I'm too busy this month with other makings. (Plus I know I'm getting a "Knit and Crochet Bible" for my birthday!) Alessandra has some lovely things on her blog. It's a good quick read and frequently updated. She also has an etsy store where you can buy heaps of neat things and cute amigurumis (stuffed crocheted toys). You should take a squiz! And speaking of swaps, there's a fun new one open for Aussies to participate in. I found it--and joined it--today. We're swapping softies! So if you love to make a softie or want to give it a first go, why not do so with the added fun of giving and surprises? Head on over to Small Things for more details. Don't think about it too long as you've only got till the 22 May to sign up!

Well...back to the makings for me. Don't ya just love creating?

09 May 2010

toys for sale

Two loveables that are happy to finally be up for adoption. They've been hanging out at my house impatiently waiting the chance to find their own home.

They're very excited to finally be ready to go and are looking forward to their own adventures with a new lovely friend. Go ahead and check them out at my store! Maybe you know someone who would love them.

02 May 2010

complete works

Ta-dah! My round yoke cardi is complete. Done in two months which I think is quite a good effort since my basic socks took 10mths. I decided to edge it three times over to give a slight increase to the width and height of the collar. I think it also gives it a nicer look.
I also did the line of double crochets (2 in 1 stitch, skip a stitch) like the example picture. I also did this at the end of each sleeve as well. It's nice and warm too and I'm very happy with it. And it's great to wear in the office...as was my motivation for making it in the first place. Yes, smart and warm.
Surprise! Here's that amigurumi I was going to surprise you with ages ago. I finally completed it this week. Isn't he cute? He's a baby dragon....no fire yet. He still destroyed the block castle I made. He was a bit fiddly to make. Lots of different parts to sew together. Made him from an idea in my head and leftover yarn. I ended up putting a bit a wire across the top of his wings so they would hold a nicer position.
I came across a bunch of buttons in my stash when I was finding one for my round yoke cardi. I had a lot of grey ones so I decided to string them together with a rubber elastic thread. I find the necklace just a little tight so I may rework it yet. But it was sufficient for the day I wanted to wear it.
And my last surprise I forgot to take a photo of. Darn it! I had every intention of doing so but found out I didn't. (I've not got access to the net at home at the moment so have to do my surfing in bulk which I'm only managing about once a week.) I participated in a yarn swap that the lovely Alessandra of Just Be Happy organised. She ended up being my partner and I got a parcel in the mail last week. I love receiving parcels. Or real letters even for that matter. She sent me two pretty skeins of purple. A yummy dark one and a matching light one in pure wool made in Peru. I've already got some ideas bouncing around but they'll have to wait. It's May now and my 30th celebration preparations are now in full swing. Gotta get my dress made and finish organising decorations and food and music. It will be a busy month.