25 April 2009

that's not inspiring

The picture explains it all. I really need to clean it up coz with that mess I'm not inspired to create.

18 April 2009

toe warmers

Laughable I know. But there IS reason behind it. He he. There's been a few nights the last week where my toes have been cold in bed. I've put on socks but by early morning I find I'm too hot. Well, I crocheted one of these toe warmers yesterday with lovely soft Patons Bunyip (two completely used up my 50gm ball). It covers over my toes and stays there by tying around my ankle. I wore the one to bed last night and it worked quite well. It was nice too when I got up and walked across the lino coz only half my toes got cold--the naked ones. Today I made a pair for it and my toes can stay all snuggly tonight.
And this is my new doona cover. $4 from the opshop. Score! I love foliage.

09 April 2009

reversible pendant

This is the reversible pendant I made specifically for Heather's wedding. (I was a bridesmaid>>see below!) I made the necklace from twisting wire which formed the frame and then I covered a little rectangle of felt with a variety of ribbon and lace stitching them on. The main side I gave touches of red to match my bridemaid's outfit and the other side I went the classic black and white and featuring buttons. I attached the felt by stitching around the wire but it didn't look so great so I covered it with a graphite coloured ribbon. It looks good, just not quite like I'd first imagined. For the neck attachment process I used black cord and black organza ribbon which simply ties in a bow at the back. I really quite like it and it looked good with my attire for Heather's beautiful wedding.
My friend, Tab with growing bub (hence my pose), and I--two of four bridesmaids.

02 April 2009


Oh no! I think my sister is rubbing off on me!! Argh! We went to McDonald's for breakfast for her birthday (Happy Birthday TammyÜ) so we could eat yummy food and let the kids run around on the playground. Afterwards she took me up to Spotlight as there were a couple of things I wanted to get. Spotlight is a dangerous store for the craft-lover. Eek! See....
I spent a bit more than I intended. Ok, a lot more. But most of the stuff was on a great special and of course I got straight to play when I got home. Knitting some more long fingerless gloves with my new rosewood 6mm needles. Something so much nicer about using natural products. Think I might just have to steer clear of Spotlight for a while though.