01 June 2010

happy birthday to me!

Every year I buy myself a birthday present. Usually something to wear on my actual birthday. This year...
Found this on my doorstep when I got home from work this afternoon. (Naturally the colours are a little different than you see. It's a nice deep, brightish red...less orange than the pic.) It's more than I'll need but no problems with that. It's Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic Cherry Red in 8ply (DK/light worsted). I'm sad that I have too much on today to pull out my crochet hook. Maybe tomorrow I can fit some in...AFTER I tidy the house.

I plan to make a lovely bolero with this yummy yarn to wear to a friend's wedding late July (in the middle of winter). I have some ideas in my head but we'll see if I change my mind as I go.


  1. Happy birthday! I hope you had a lovely party. Nice haul of pressies!
    I love the red yarn from Bendigo too. I've been thinking of placing an order with them for a while now. Perhaps this will finally persuade me...

  2. what a gorgeous color of yarn!
    The Havainas flip flop are made in Brazil, they have so many colors and styles, it's just insane and they have been popular here since my grandma's time!

  3. Actually I have a pair. Bought them on sale when I was in the USA. And my Brasillian friends over their raved about them. Just didn't know you could get them so small. Cute.

  4. A very happy birthday! What wonderful yarn you got. Love the colour. The bolero would be so nice!
    Hope you had a wonderful time on your birthday.