27 February 2009


Like my new logo? I've been putting little "kelgell creation" stickers on my stuff that I give away as presents for years. Since I'm building a stock to actually try and sell I thought it was time I updated my logo. I've turned it into a banner for my blog too. The logo is actually just a little rectangle of what's on the right of the banner. The name and picture. I like it though. It's neater and more modern looking and more me than it used to be. That is, more the 'grown up' me than the 'teenage' me from the first one I designed.

19 February 2009

ideas in reality

So it's been a while but I've been busy planning and going on a holiday to Cairns. I had a great time. Now that I'm back I'm finally getting to blogging about the things I've made lately. The first one is my inspiration board which now hangs above my work desk. Obviously I'm yet to fill it with more inspirational stuff but the idea is to have these things in front of me when working to keep the creative juices flowing.
This was one of those late night ideas that kept me awake. I found this gorgeous fabric in the discount pile. Bargain! The fabric covers some foam board so it's quite light weight. I did the dotted part in two sections so the ribbons wouldn't end up with too much sag. I also put the ribbons on odd angles for interest.
I secured the two foam boards together with glue and by sewing buttons in the corners for extra strength. I think it looks great and I'm quite pleased with the outcome.

I also finished my first journal. Not as nicely as I would have liked but it's a first so practice is required. I made this from scratch--sewing the paper signatures together, glueing the spine, making the cover from cardboard and fabric... This one I gave a leather strap which wraps around the wooden toggle to secure it shut.
My favourite part of this journal is the coffee stained and ripped edges of the pages. Gives it an interesting flavour. I've been sketching up a heap more ideas too and I've even had a request from a friend. I'll have to get into more making. Exciting!

03 February 2009

days off

It's been soooo nice having today and yesterday off work. Totally free to get into crafty creative stuff. Yay! I DID make myself clean the kitchen yesterday morning before starting as it was dreadfully needing a good clean. But after that I got to work on a journal. So far so good. I'm quite happy with the way it's turning out. I soaked the edges in coffee and ripped them and have bound all the signatures together to form the book part. Today I'm going to work on the cover using the materials it's sitting on here.
Today I went for a bit of a shop in the morning. I decided to iron and fold all my fabric on Sunday afternoon so I can store it in a better way so I don't have to rummage through my basket when I want to see what I can use. I found these great square baskets at a good price and they are perfect. I bought two and I've got room to buy more fabric. Joy! They look great and it's much more inspirational to see easily what I have. I'm happy.