11 April 2011


I made it to the UK--finally! It took an extra 25hrs on top of an already 28hr journey. Delayed in Malaysia. But I have now had my opening week and boy was it a bit of a jolt to the system. Oh how I've loved my 30hrs or less per week jobs! This one will be 40hrs regularly but last week was 43hrs with the dad away for my first week. Getting use to new routines, a new environment in a new country, new people and helping care for a toddler and twin babies has been full on. And all that after my extended journey. Phew! Hopefully this week will flow a bit better and I'll feel more and more settled as time goes by. I made it to Canterbury for a shopping trip. I particularly needed more clean tops for the twins to slobber and spew on. ;) One top I got was this grey cardigan. I quite like it. The way it is now. I just finished adjusting it. Can you tell? It use to have double buttons all the way down. But I didn't like it all buttoned up and thought it looked a little odd mostly undone so I cut the buttons off and sewed together all the button holes that I didn't want there. I also took off the knitted belt/tie coz it just didn't suit my shape and cut the belt loops off. Now I think it makes a lovely swing jacket. It's about half wool too so will give me a good bit of warmth on cooler days. The only downfall now is the sleeves. I love the length of them but when I put it on for this photo, over another long sleeve top, I had to drag it up my arms. Why do half the tops here seem to have such skinny sleeves? Give us some room. Otherwise I'm most happy with it.