26 December 2008

first christmas tradition

I've made it my tradition that each neice and nephew that expands my family receives a home made quilt for their first Christmas. So this is my latest one; given yesterday--Jasmine's first Christmas.

Knowing that she was a girl meant I could make it more girly this time. But I'm not a huge fan of really typically girly things so I decided on a girly insect theme. I designed the picture on the front and proceeded to get material to fit my theme. I choose yellow as my main colour, hence the yellow border and large yellow flower. (It's actually yellow check.) Once the background was all worked out I more specifically designed the insects and found scrap material to form them.
I drew them first on baking paper so I could get an appropriate size and see how they'd work before transfering them to material. Then I cut their parts and stuck them on with "heat and bond" gluey paper stuff. Then, time-consumingly, sewed around them to give them nice, neat, secure edges. Attatching the front with the border to the back was difficult as I'd done my maths wrong (surprise, surprise) and they ended up being different sizes. It was quite fiddly to get it to work and a few of the corners got unpicked and resewn. Yet I finally succeeded and secured the two material layers and the wadding layer with a simple straight stitch that follows the border. I am quite happy with it. I think it turned out quite well and I really like the comic-like caterpillar, ladybug and dragonfly. I think their rather cute. And Jasmine "opened" her present dressed in her appropriate new yellow ladybug outfit.

The quilt showing it's back panel and my most useful sewing machine.