30 June 2010

bear beanies

I finished off four beanies last night. I think I got something wrong with the last one though. I'll have to remake it. Ü

They'll be for sale in my store mid July. As for now, I'm off on a holiday to Sydney!

26 June 2010


Mostly just been pottering around the last week with crochet. Going from project to project as I feel like it. I wanted to make something granny-squared and I'd bought some yarn ages ago to do it with. Thick, soft acrylic for fast crocheting. I decided to do a cushion cover and so I started...
Oh yeah, I've been working on stocking my store with some bear beanies. I'm close to completing a couple now. I just found out today that one of the bear beanies I've sold recently has had quite a bit of attraction and I've received a request for a notice/pamphlet to put up in a kindergarten. Might have to get busier with these...
And just for fun I've started this little goldfish from the amigurumi book I got for my birthday. After about 11 rounds I began altering the pattern. Ha ha.
I'm off to Sydney next Thursday to visit my older brother and his family for a week. Apparently my niece is eager for me to arrive and teach her some crochet.

23 June 2010

softie surprise

I received a parcel yesterday! I knew what it was...sort of. (I joined in a softie swap a month ago where you make a soft toy for another.) My handmade softie from Tameeka. I'd just checked her blog that day and she'd put up a sneak peek so I'm glad I didn't have to wait long to find out. It was prettily wrapped too. But more importantly, look what was inside...

Isn't he cute? Tameeka, you did such a wonderful job. I love his floppy ears and that he has a cute tummy to match. I like the fabric print used for them too and the fact that it's a random regular print. I like his cute little face as well. Just two eyes and a nose.

He's very friendly and polite. Doesn't talk a lot but that's ok. Millie makes up for it. Here he is meeting Millie. She likes to chatter while she does her knitting. But this little bunny is quite content to listen. He's also considering what name he'd like to be called while Millie is suggesting a long list of random possibilities.
So the softie swap ended yesterday. That's when we had to have them posted by. My little guy just made it. Posted him yesterday near the day's end. Phew! Safe journey, softie. Thanks for hosting it, Tab. It was fun! I look forward to seeing what everyone made...

18 June 2010

and one for me!

Now that I've got the swing of making these project pouches...and I've stocked my store with a few...I got around to making myself another one. (Coz one's not really enough. He he.) I just had to buy this gorgeous autumny fabric when I saw it. It's so nice. I'll have fun using it. It's filled with yarn for making bear beanies for my store. In time for knitting group tomorrow morning. Ü

15 June 2010

photo shoot

I organised to have a photo shoot with one of my friends who is into photography last Sunday. On Saturday I'd got busy increasing the stock level and here is some of our team work.

Project Pouches by me and are available in my online store. Though if you want one you may have to stop by pretty soon. I've already sold two!

Photos by the talented Andrew Gregg. You can check out more of his photos here.

More joy...I've made and sold a bear beanie and have another requested order to work on. Business is starting to swing into action. How exciting!

12 June 2010

feeling professional

I've been busy today. Spending my Saturday making for my online store. Whilst I was amongst my creating process, I had an idea. Actually I first had the idea the other day but I realised I had what I needed and I should go ahead and do it. So I did!

Logo tags!! They look good on my project pouches and I shall put them on other things. Looks professional and it's promotional too. Ü

07 June 2010

swift action

After an email from my softie swap partner I knew exactly what soft toy to make. I decided on some yarn that was still in it's skein so naturally I had to ball it first. So I pulled out my swift and got to work.
He he. Yeah, I don't own a real swift. I usually visit my sister to ball skeins but I wanted to use this right now! So I had to go with my make shift version. But after untwisting it and finding the ends, even turning it inside out, this method proved quite efficient. It was just the right length to comfortable fit my lower leg without being too tight or too droopy. I was happily cosy balling while watching an episode of Quantam Leap. My softie is underway and I'm excited to be making it. Happy to have a bunch of yarn projects on the go again.

01 June 2010

happy birthday to me!

Every year I buy myself a birthday present. Usually something to wear on my actual birthday. This year...
Found this on my doorstep when I got home from work this afternoon. (Naturally the colours are a little different than you see. It's a nice deep, brightish red...less orange than the pic.) It's more than I'll need but no problems with that. It's Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic Cherry Red in 8ply (DK/light worsted). I'm sad that I have too much on today to pull out my crochet hook. Maybe tomorrow I can fit some in...AFTER I tidy the house.

I plan to make a lovely bolero with this yummy yarn to wear to a friend's wedding late July (in the middle of winter). I have some ideas in my head but we'll see if I change my mind as I go.