30 June 2011

re-do the re-do

Do you remember I frogged some of my pixie beanie and got to work reshaping it? Well, I've frogged it half back again. It wasn't rounding over my head fast enough and by the time I would have worked it to the point I wanted it would have been much longer than I wanted. So I'm redoing it a second time. I had shaped off the leaf pattern before and this time I'm shaping it off a little differently. Hopefully this is the last big froggin' redo I'll have on this project. Usually I don't bother so much but I have such a cute idea in my head that I'm willing to do the extra work to get it right. Still trying to keep track of what I'm doing to hopefully write up a pattern but my notes are getting pretty messy now so we'll see how that goes. Fingers crossed.

26 June 2011

wedding in the making

The main event of my europe week was the final weekend in Dusseldorf, Germany where I participated in the celebration of a friend's wedding. What a delight! I even got to be a bridesmaid. It was beautiful and I had a great time.

I also helped out with a few tasks using my creative talents. Best of all was this bracelet. We made her cry with this one. :) All day Thursday was the bachelourette day. We four bridesmaids planned a day of delight and relaxing, in between the blindfolded excursions. We also presented the bride with this bracelet I had made. The note accompanying it read:

Two hearts in one spot as you and your fiance come together to make one family.
A flip flop for M thinking of your Hawaii holiday and many good times together wearing them.
A graduation cap for K thinking of the scholars you were together.
A pair of hands for J thinking of the support and love shared through your prayer partnership.
A palm tree for Kelly thinking of how you met and became friends in California, USA.
One crown because you are now queen of your own family.

The bride also had to wear a sash I made saying "Bride to Be" and we wore badges. We also met up with a bunch of other girls after dinner to go clubbing and they wore badges too. Still, if anyone is getting married or going to a hens/bachelourette night, I still have a whole bunch of these.
I also made a necklace for me to wear on the wedding day. We had watermelon bridesmaids dresses and were asked to get grey shoes so I made a grey necklace.

I also did a bunch of decorating tasks like this candy bar and decorated the cake stand and made a sign for the photo booth they had.
This has taken up quite a bit of time but now that my friend is married and the partying is over I will be moving onto other things.

Note: You can read about the rest of my adventures during my europe week on my other blog.

10 June 2011

off and away

I'm as packed as I can be for the night before a holiday begins. Tomorrow I'm off on my long planned trip to Germany for my lovely friend's wedding. Since it's not until 18th June I've planned to scuttle through Paris and Luxembourg on the way. ^^

I still find it odd to think I'm going to be in France tomorrow. I'm sure before I know it I'll find it odd that I've been and I'm back in England again so I'm gonna try and soak it in as much as I can. My camera is packed and the two sets of batteries are fully loaded. I suspect I'll do a number of posts to share my adventure with you all in the weeks after I get back.

As for now, I'm gonna curl up with a Merlin episode and then sleep the night away before my week-long adventure. I hope your week is somewhat exciting and joyous even if not as much as mine.

04 June 2011

oh no!! :(

I went to block a special project where I used hand dyed yarn in six different colours and when I dipped it in the water the colours ran badly. *sob* How do I fasten the colour!? It's currently resoaking in a vinegar/water mix with my fingers crossed.

It's been suggested that I wash and wash and let the colour run out as much as it's going to. The red is the main culprit. I don't know if I just didn't dye that one properly. I had it a dark pink before I found the pillar box red and re-dyed it. Red seems to be a troublesome colour when it comes to bleeding. And bleed it has. It looks like the crochet hook I used was too sharp! I'm hoping it will wash out a lot when I put it through its paces. I'm gonna just do the red area first for a while I think before I work on the whole lot.