25 May 2009


Lovely little new creations. Found some cheap and decent magnets a while ago. Finally put them to use and made these felt magnets that are now on sale in my store. I've sewn the magnets inside so the back surface where it attaches to the metal surface won't get scratched by the magnet.

I like this sky set. I like the rain cloud best. It was lovely and wet here today. It rained properly--not the pathetic drizzling it often does. I love it when it rains. I have plans to make more magnets too. So many ideas.

22 May 2009

the lone tulip

I painted this picture last year when money was really tight. It was an engagement present for some friends and I had everything I needed to do it already. Just had to put in the work. I chose this picture because I found it quite striking. I love the bright yellow flower against the dark grey sky--like the hope of a little sunshine. Like finding joy and reason to celebrate even in the darkest of times.
I painted it with acrylic paint and persisted until I was satisfied. I then set to work knocking together a frame. I'm not an expert at putting timber together but I know a bit to do alright. Using scraps of wood I chose to staple them together and stain them to be a suitable frame. So the painting, bordered with photoboard and wooden frame, turned out quite well in the end.

18 May 2009


It was my nephew's 2nd birthday yesterday and I made him this tracksuit as a present. I thought what he'd love to do was play, climb and run so I decided I would take him to an indoor playground some time. (Coz the weather here is getting colder and wetter as it's almost winter.) A tracksuit would be perfect for doing such things in. Of course, he didn't think it was that great. Clothes aren't very exciting presents for little kids but the fun part is yet to come. I ended up putting a design of my own on the front. I was going to get a cool printed fleece to make it out of but low and behold when I went to our two major craft stores to find some none could be found. It was difficult enough finding plain fleece. Everything has gone to polar fleece and I didn't want to use that. It's a good thing I decided not to make it a little smaller as Mum said the pattern is quite roomy. It fits him well but any smaller and it would be a bit too tight. I put a tie at the top to make sure they stay up. I didn't do any measurements you see. So I think it worked out fairly well.

01 May 2009

making history

Celebrations!!! I sold my first item on artfire!! Yay. It was one of the journals I made. Very exciting. I decided today I really needed to get some more stuff up there too. So I made another journal and listed it all in one afternoon. Usually I don't make them all at once so that's a new thing too. I still have some crochet projects to finish and list too.

The product of my afternoon's work.