11 February 2013


At first glance it appears I've been a little piggy this morning and indulged in a few too many chocolates.

I have indulged but not in chocolates.  You see, the other week I had an hour to kill before work so I decided to just go window shopping.  However, I only got to the next block where there was a Cass Art store and I gleefully skiddled inside.  Easy to waste and hour there drooling and trying to contain myself.  I didn't completely contain myself though.  I swapped £50 for art goods.  They have such great sales and seem so much cheaper than I could get things back in Australia.  With the idea of being back in Australia very soon--my two year UK adventure nearly at its end--I decided to go ahead and pick out a few things to add to my shipping boxes.

One of the things I splashed out on was a bigger watercolour pan.  I have a travel size one with 12 half pans which I really like and I decided I just couldn't go past this bigger bargain.  £20 for 45 half pans!  The box said RRP£69.99 and I checked out individual half pan costs and they start from £3 each so it really was a phenomenal bargain.  This morning I unwrapped the little treats.  Thirty nine different colours with a few double ups of the more common ones.  Then I had the simple pleasure of painting up a rainbow colour chart.