17 March 2011


I bought this bag a while ago when I was roaming artfire.com. That's the hub where my online shop sits. I was flicking through one of the sellers I like, Rainbow Swilrz, when I came across this. I think I may have waited a day just to make sure but I laughed when I first saw it and just had to have it. It is just so me! The little monster is so cute. I got the nice sunny yellow colour. My excuse was that bright colours will be needed in the UK. My only issue with it was that the strap wasn't long enough so even at its maximum stretch it sat higher on my hip than I liked. Thus the long planned finally done extension.
I had hoped to find a cute but somewhat matching fabric for this project. However, since I leave the country in less than two weeks I decided to make do with something I had in stock. Using a bit of a vague idea in my head and a bit more thought than my last project, I got to work cutting, ironing and sewing. I had already planned to add a phone pocket on the strap coz there's not one inside and it makes for easier access. The first one I made and sewed on was actually too small to fit my current phone so I unpicked it and used a different method and added more space to it. Then I remembered I wanted it lower. So I unpicked again and resewed it in the right place. Finally I cut the strap and sewed this piece in.
I made it longer than I needed so I had a bit of room to adjust it. Now I can make it sit at a happier more comfortable height. The second phone pocket worked much better this time too. It snuggly fits my phone and will hopefully fit the one I'll be using in the UK without it falling out. Now my bag is ready for it's UK adventure too.

13 March 2011

fabric bash

I leave my hometown in two weeks. Two weeks!! I'm beginning to pack and had a few pens floating around. So last night I pulled out my sewing machine and chose some fabric from my collection and had a little bash. Poor mishandled fabric. With a little bit of thought--really just a little--I started hacking fabric, ironing some heat'n'bond on (to hold it still and add some stiffness), and sewing here and there. I was aiming for something small and skinny. It was trickier than I imagined but I did come to some sort of conclusion. It's by no means a masterpiece but it will suffice.
My ideas were a bit flawed. It was hard to sew it skinny on my machine. The outcome was bodgy job. Wonky zip and rough sewing. One tag is twisted. I had to hand sew each end of the zip where there was still open gaps because of misplanning.
In after thought I could have done the lining different so the inside zip edge was covered too. But it was a quick decision started a bit late in the evening for a decent job. Ha ha. It will hold my pens though so it will do it's job. I have one more little craft project and then I probably won't do any more until I'm on the plane to the UK.

05 March 2011

moving sale

I'm moving to the UK at the end of the month. Off for a working adventure. So everything in my artfire store is 30% off until Friday 25th March (Australian time). So swing by and pick yourself up a bargain!

Products will still be available when I am overseas but will be back to their regular price.
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