30 January 2009

naughty me

Ooo, I'm so naughty! He he he. I've already spent a random bunch of money on crafty stuff this week but today I went and bought some more. It's not my fault though. Spotlight is having a sale just as I decide to get creating a stock of stuff to sell! Ü Here's my latest...
I wanted some prints coz I have mostly plain colours and I was able to get most of this quilting fabric for $3 a metre. And I wanted some more felt too. I decided it was ok to stock up on some supplies so I can randomly create a little easier. And I have a couple days off coming up. Woohoo!

29 January 2009

my studio

I reorganised my room this week and I tidied up the last of it today. I'm so excited. I made it so my room has a bedroom end and now the other end is my studio! I'm gonna spend more time creating I've decided coz I love to do it and it makes me happy.
Tadah.... My studio! Just cleaned. It won't stay this way for long. Look, there's already a project waiting for me on my work desk.
Isn't the fabric gorgeous! I just love clearances. This stuff is gonna become the "ideas and inspiration board" I decided to make one night last week when I wanted to be asleep. I can finally get started. It's gonna look GREAT above my desk.

28 January 2009


This is a comic strip I did for an invitation to my brother's birthday party. We had lamb on the barbeque. I have a small collection of FarmDaze™ that I've sketched just for fun. Soon after the one above I discovered sketching with a flat tip pen which is way more fun.
And here is the second strip of FarmDaze­™ that I sketched back in 2001.

22 January 2009

Arm Warmers

I stayed out at my sister's for a few days late last year. She does a lot of knitting and got me feeling all creative. So while we watched the X-men Trilogy I got knitting too. I haven't done a lot before so I'm not the best at it. This is a left over wool mix from the pinwheel jumper Tammy knitted and I just love the colours. And I liked the look of moss stitch and so I got knitting.
I decided after a while of simply knitting to make long fingerless gloves. Easy. Just a rectangle where you sew the seams together with a hole left for the thumb. I misinterpreted Tammy's explaination of Irish Moss Stitch and did some checkers around the wrist area finishing each end with some ribbing.
The second glove was hard to match. It was too difficult to count rows so I just guessed the length but I think I made the left one a bit short and they are both a little wide and so a bit loose which means they don't stay at my elbows so well. And of course there's a few characteristic holes where I've accidently dropped stitches. He he. I still like them though. Might just have to adjust them a little some day.

09 January 2009

photo displays

About 2.5 years ago we went to a birthday which was out in a paddock on a farm. This paddock had the funkiest tree I've ever seen. It was a huge gum tree but instead of growing straight up it sort of went up and then branched out across the ground in all directions and then turned skyward. I snapped some photos of my big brother and his family and they turned out really well. So for the following Christmas I put them together on a board for a family portrait.
I used photoboard and paper for the background and then decorated it with real gum leaves and gumnuts and bark. I spraypainted the leaves green so they would stay green and also ended up painting their edges with gold paint. It's all just glued together.

I put this one together as a "Thanks for having me here" present for my host family last year. For Mar 07-Mar 08 I lived in California, USA and helped take care of these three energetic, crazy boys. A friend took the photos for me. I put them together on a placemat, glueing the paper and photos in place. It also turned out really well.

I like this style of photo display because it's much more artistic and interesting than simply photos in a frame.