29 December 2010


I've been into bobbles lately. You know, hair ties that have things on them. A friend said she liked them too so I thought I'd get her some for Christmas. They're not so easy to find though. If you don't want real kiddish ones anyway. So I made some. Simply put some funky buttons onto hat elastic. Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of the ones I made my friend. They were really cool I thought. I did make one for myself with these buttons though which I also really like. I'm planning to go by Spotlight today to get some buttons for a Christmas project and I think I might just get a little distracted... ^^

27 December 2010

wearing blueberries

Blueberries for my feet! I've been working on these a while now. They are made from Moda Vera Noir that I split into two balls and doubled the knitting thickness. This also stopped them from striping and instead made them a speckly blueberry colour as well as doubled the progress speed. I made up my own pattern. Just a simple checkerboard with 3k 3p on top of the foot. I knit these toe-up which is I think I like better. I didn't have enough yarn to make them very long and in fact, decided I needed to use other yarn for a cuff so I'd have enough blueberry yarn for another whole sock. So I used the Moda Vera Noir left over from my first pair.
These ones are short and cosy. Love wool socks coz they do such a good job at keeping my toes warm. I'm gonna need more since I'm moving to the UK next year. I have two lots of sock yarn waiting though so I shall be casting on another pair soon enough. I'm off to flick through the pages at ravelry ^^

18 December 2010

handmade decorations

This is one of my projects that I've been working on this Christmas season. Most, however, are presents so I won't show you until January. But I also decided to make some decorations. Some are better than others and I also got a case of lazyitis and couldn't be bothered changing the colour in my sewing machine so some of the sewing is a little odd in colour matching. I still think they look quite cute and unique. I stuffed them a little too to make them a little less 2D and purposefully frayed the edges. And I'm posting the pic to add a little Aussie christmas cheer to my page. See the sunshine? That's Aussie Christmas. No white Christmas here ....EVER! :) They're predicting 26 degrees for Christmas Day. Yay.

If you want to see some more awesome handmade Christmas decorations check out Lucy's work at Attic 24!

05 December 2010

christmas sale

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