02 May 2010

complete works

Ta-dah! My round yoke cardi is complete. Done in two months which I think is quite a good effort since my basic socks took 10mths. I decided to edge it three times over to give a slight increase to the width and height of the collar. I think it also gives it a nicer look.
I also did the line of double crochets (2 in 1 stitch, skip a stitch) like the example picture. I also did this at the end of each sleeve as well. It's nice and warm too and I'm very happy with it. And it's great to wear in the office...as was my motivation for making it in the first place. Yes, smart and warm.
Surprise! Here's that amigurumi I was going to surprise you with ages ago. I finally completed it this week. Isn't he cute? He's a baby dragon....no fire yet. He still destroyed the block castle I made. He was a bit fiddly to make. Lots of different parts to sew together. Made him from an idea in my head and leftover yarn. I ended up putting a bit a wire across the top of his wings so they would hold a nicer position.
I came across a bunch of buttons in my stash when I was finding one for my round yoke cardi. I had a lot of grey ones so I decided to string them together with a rubber elastic thread. I find the necklace just a little tight so I may rework it yet. But it was sufficient for the day I wanted to wear it.
And my last surprise I forgot to take a photo of. Darn it! I had every intention of doing so but found out I didn't. (I've not got access to the net at home at the moment so have to do my surfing in bulk which I'm only managing about once a week.) I participated in a yarn swap that the lovely Alessandra of Just Be Happy organised. She ended up being my partner and I got a parcel in the mail last week. I love receiving parcels. Or real letters even for that matter. She sent me two pretty skeins of purple. A yummy dark one and a matching light one in pure wool made in Peru. I've already got some ideas bouncing around but they'll have to wait. It's May now and my 30th celebration preparations are now in full swing. Gotta get my dress made and finish organising decorations and food and music. It will be a busy month.


  1. Is there no craft you don't excel at? I absolutely love your button necklace. What a great idea. It matches your cardigan perfectly! Speaking of which, the cardigan is really lovely. You should be rightly proud of it.

  2. I loveeeee your cardi, it's fabulous!