27 February 2010

in the makings

Oh am I suppose to be working on that list to the right??? :x

Honestly, I have done some but yes, I've also started a few other projects. ^^ I couldn't resist ordering some wool for me when I ordered the colours I wanted for the afghan I'm making for a special present. I just loved this cardigan. I found it on ravelry and as the office where I got my new job is quite a bit cooler than the outside temperature, I'm wanting nice-ish warm clothes sooner. (Last day of summer tomorrow!) I had quite a time trying to decide what colour to make it. So many nice ones. I was going to make a light grey coz it would go with lots in my wardrobe but at the last minute I changed my mind. (I'd like a grey cardigan but grey is an easy colour to find in the shops.) So I ordered BWMs Rustic in Damson 8ply. So lovely. It looks plain purple in the photo but it has flecks of blue through it.

I got a big parcel of wool on Friday and had to start first chance I got. Excitement is a great motivator. I've already done from the neck to underarms and am now working on the body. It's sitting a little funny but hopefully with some blocking and edging it will be most satisfactory.

I also bought some more cheap yarn today to go with my Norweigan slippers I'm making. I'd started a while ago but stopped as I wasn't going to have enough yarn and the one I was using was an old one from my stash that I can't find anymore. Today I found some pure soft nylon to go with it (nylon for the hard wearing the slippers will get this winter and beyond).

And I'm almost finished another amigurumi (I put the lion on hold as he's not quite turning out like I'd envisioned). But I shall save this new one as a surprise as he's very nearly done.

I have plenty of projects to keep me going for months now. Though I'm sure I'll start more yet. I do have the afghan waiting...with a time limit.

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  1. nice!!!
    I can't wait to see it when it's all done!