03 January 2010

christmas goodies

So Christmas is over and the presents are given. Now I can show you some of the making I did previously. I made hampers for the couples in my family with little knick-knacks and some yummy home cooking. There's nothing like home cooking. I baked star shortbread drizzled with white chocolate, mega chocolate chip biscuits and some lemon butter. I didn't taste the lemon butter but I hear it's good. The recipe I had made just one cup which was barely enough to fill each jar so I didn't dare lower the level. I do however like how the labels turned out. Just plain yellow paper which I used a corner punch on and scrawled the words with pen and dipping ink give it a bit of an antique look. Cute. Quite happy with the way it's all turned out.

I haven't been creating much lately other than that. I think I've been distracted with Christmas and the Twilight books. ^^ I did however teach my sister-in-law how to crochet. I taught her a few basics last time she was up and at our Christmas gathering I gave her a crochet book and taught her how to read the instructions and helped guide her as she crocheted a square. She did quite well too. I've been doing some squares myself today but my camera batteries are playing up so I can't show you. They're made with bright acrylic colours with my funky new crochet hook I bought to show by example while teaching. Unfortunately I think I'm spoiled against acrylic. It's just no where near as nice to use as the other wool I have. Oh well.

Happy New Year to you all too! Hope 2010 is a wonderful one for you and that you can learn new things and have fun adventures!


  1. Anonymous3/1/10 23:37

    Byron had "Auntie Kelly's lemon butter" every day until it ran out, and now he's sad! You'll have to send me the recipe :)

    Acrylic is yukky, and that's why it's cheap! hehe.


  2. Those goodies look yummie!! Happy new year!!

  3. how nice of you to give such lovely handmade gifts!

    Happy 2010 to you!!