06 January 2010

new year's resolution

I'm not really into new year's resolutions. I don't save them up for the 1st of January. I make resolutions as I decide to whatever the time of year. This one just happens to be made as the new year rolled around.

Here I state: I resolve to finish my first pair of knitted socks by my next birthday.

I got a voucher last birthday from my now sister-in-law-to-be which I spent on sock yarn to have a go at this sock knitting I'd seen countless knitters involved in. This is currently where I'm up to. Progressing well enough...slowly. So my resolution gives me five months to finish this one and make its pair--including finding a basic sock pattern as I've lost the one I had originally. Wish me luck!


  1. it looks good so far.
    good luck finding the pattern.

  2. Your creations are beautifully done. :)
    Love them all!!
    I have been enjoying your help online :) Thank you for the linK! So great.
    I am completely teaching myself, from a how-to book, which I've found to be quite hard..I wish I had someone in person to show me..that or I wish I spoke Korean to find the help! Hehe

    Love your blog..and the inspiration!

  3. Love those socks, the stripe colours are cool.
    Try the yarn harlots basic sock recipe if you can't find your pattern. It's great.