20 January 2010

twitchy fingers

I've been eager to get crafting the last day or two but have been putting things off to do things I must. I took time today to do something to sooth my twitchy fingers.
Cast on sock two today. Yay. Gotta get it under way to make a pair by my birthday. Only got this much done before I got a phone call asking where I was. Forgot I was suppose to start work and hour earlier today. Oops.
And this Moda Vera Lofty and Chantilly is some new bargain purchase assigned a special project for a special little someone who will be joining us shortly. Break out my crochet hook and let's hope it's done for the little one's arrival.


  1. I like the special project colours, they go really nicely together.
    Oh and the mittens from your last post are just gorgeous. I've been admiring them from afar too, so I'll be looking forward to see how yours turn out!

  2. uh oh, that's too funny that you forgot you had to go to work early... I guess you were having too much fun crafting.
    Have a great day!