04 January 2010

joy and pain

So I figured out what was going on with my camera. I had both sets of batteries charging last night so I tried the newest ones again. They still didn't work and that's when I realised I hadn't bought rechargeables. I meant to but the lithium batteries I spent quite a bit on were just the one use kind. Oh well. I put the other ones in and took a snap of some joy and pain.
The joy is my new crochet hook. It's wooden and pretty. I'm not sure of the greatness of using it yet as the wooden hook doesn't seem to be quite as smooth as metal but I certainly like the feel of it in my hand. I'll have to try it on some thicker, nicer yarn to really be able to tell. And that's the pain. As nice and bright as these squares are, they're made of 100% acrylic. *GROOOAAN*


  1. Anonymous4/1/10 21:10

    I agree; wood is nice to hold (and the non-slipperiness is good, especially for thin stuff) but acrylic is a waste of money ;)

    Might just raid my stash for your birthday this year... hehehe.


  2. what a beautiful hook, I have never used a wooden one.