24 December 2009

merry christmas ^^

I've had these up a while now. My little crochet stars. I looooove Lucy's star garland advent calender. It's cheerfully adorable. So studying her photos I made my own stars with whatever leftover bits of yarn I had around. (I think Lucy's colours are more lovely but I do like mine too!) I don't like them in a mobile so much but I'm not changing them now. I also made some stars to hang like an ornament with some of my Christmas cards. And you can see my Christmas tree too, though it's loveliness is a little hidden in the shadows. It's garnished with purple and silver and coloured fairy lights. This photo was taken at 8:20pm too. So light outside. We've just past the longest daylight hours day (the summer solstice). So many Christmas movies are full of snow and cold and fireplaces and other indoor warmth. I would LOVE to have a white Christmas once in my life. That would be fun. Christmases aren't like that here. They're often hot. Shorts and t-shirt or summer dresses, outside, sunshine, long daylight hours... Gotta love the Aussie Christmas! And Christmas is really the kickoff to the big holiday season. See, Christmas and New Year's are the celebrations that begin the summer holidays here. A year is wrapped up and a new one starts with holidays (for the majority). Ah, I'm babbling. He he. I'll show you some of the other goodies I've made once they've been given.
Have a delightful Christmas, wherever you are, wrapped in laughter and cheer with the people you love. And a grand beginning to a wonderful new year!

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