22 January 2010

someone special's jellyfish

I'm thrilled!! My project is done and I love it!! I didn't expect to show you so soon. I had to hurry it along. I started it two days ago guessing I had a week or two before the newest member of our family would arrive. Turns out I had two days! Thankfully I found out early that my sister and her husband had already gone to the hospital and that I had today off. I've spent all day working on him and he's ready. Tomorrow he goes to meet my newest little nephew. So here's Aunty Kelly's welcome gift...a little jellyfish friend.

I dubbed him "Squishy" whilst making him. I couldn't help but think of Dory in Finding Nemo..."I shall call him Squishy and he shall be my Squishy". He he.

Despite these photos, he's actually a range of greens more accurately pictured here. I crocheted him from Moda Vera Lofty and Chantilly (basically acrylic but not nasty acrylic). I made his head and then the circle that closes him up under his frill. I then made the tentacles and attached them to the circle before stuffing and closing him up.
His tentacles define him as a jellyfish (and his frill) and I made each one different. I put two little bells inside each of the thick ones so they give a soft rattle. The curly ones add great texture and character I think too. When my nephew is up to it, I think he'll love grabbing and sucking them.
Gosh. He's just so darn cute. It took some playing to be happy with his eyes and I'm glad I added the smile coz he looked a bit menacing without it.
I like him so much I almost want to keep him but he's for that someone special--my new little nephew Zachary. Ü At least Squishy is staying in the family. Ha ha.


  1. Congratulations Aunty Kelly! Hope mother & baby are well. What a cute arrival gift!