30 November 2011

jillymitts completed

So here's the jillymitts I finished a while ago now. I have a friend's 30th coming up and I decided to make her something. As I don't know her real well and was unsure what to get her as a present I just decided to make her something by hand. A personal present that is useable is a good gift I think. So I decided to frog the shawl that wasn't working that I'd started to crochet with my plum purple 100% alpaca by Tailored Strands. It's fingering weight/4ply and I used my 3.75mm circs for the job. I planned to do simple fingerless mittens as they would be quickest to make meaning I should get them finished before the party. I decided to add a bit of interest with a touch of lace work. Just a few thoughtfully positioned holes I planned to work in. Since my friend is quite a bit smaller than me I made them tight on my hands and I'm hoping they'll fit her well. I let the ends curl at the edges of the ribbing sections. Even on the thumb. For the thumb I just held some stitches and picked them up later. It's on the gloves I started next that I tried a thumb gusset which I like as a better option. These mittens I find to be rather tight across the palm. But hopefully they'll fit my friend's hands fine. The only pity is that with the positioning of the lacework, though I like it, it doesn't really get shown off unless you hang your hands to stretch it out. Oh well. All in all I'm rather happy with them and I hope my friend loves them and finds them wonderfully useful.

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  1. Lovely mitts! I'm sure your friend loves them.