10 December 2011

half done projects

So I have been knitting. I've only been half finishing things. Knit the fingerless mitt on the right with a bit of possum (and merino, alpaca and nylon). ^^ It's from two skeins of Fibreworks yarn that my sister so kindly bought from the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show and posted to me. I've knitted 'stripes' alternating between the mostly blue and the multicolour. As the blue is not quite a solid blue the stripes are a little blurred together but it's just a different kind of cool than I was imagining. This is the Pay It Forward project I blogged briefly about a few posts ago.

The white fingerless mitt I decided to start after my boss thoughtfully brought me back a ball of Carriag Donn 100% merino wool from her weekend away in Ireland. When I saw the pattern (Susie's Reading Mitts) on raverly I decided to knit some for my boss for Christmas. Since the yarn is different to what the pattern uses, I'm just using the general pattern idea. So I put the other mitt aside and got straight to work on these. So one of each finished at the moment but the second white one is under construction.

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