09 November 2011

tongue surgery

I bought some shoes the other week. (I'm very sad that my other ones wore out so quickly. I really liked them but with winter ever so close here it just won't do to have shoes with holes in the heels.) The only thing I didn't like--call me superficial if you like--is the fat tongues. Oversized. Squishing the insides (my feet). So I planned some liposuction for them.
Ok, so I just opened them up, turned them inside out and cut away the excess. :)

Here's a comparison between the one that's been through surgery and the one in waiting. Much more reasonable.

Happy with the surgery, I stitched it back up and got to work on the other one. Then I carefully and diligently laced them up in a different way just for fun. In time they will compact a bit more but they are much more useable now. No more ghastly superfat tongues. :P

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