22 November 2011

first thumb gusset

It's late here for me. I should be going to bed. I also have a finished project to show and tell.

But I can't resist. I'm a little thrilled.

The last mittens I knitted--the ones that are waiting for a post--got a bit tight across the palm at the thumb base. So when I got to that point with these ones I thought I'd do a bit of youtubeing. Found out about thumb gussets, got the general idea and gave it a go.

It worked. It fits much better. It looks good. I'm so happy with it. This project is my PIF project (Pay It Forward). Some facebook thing that if you joined in something would be handmade for you. Then you post it too and those who commented on yours, you made something handmade for them. That was back in January or something. Back before I left Australia. It was to be made this year. I just remembered last week I owe a friend a handmade. So I'm knitting away. And very pleased with this new skill I've learned.

My thoughtful boss brought me back some yarn from Ireland when she went there on the weekend. Carraig Donn 100% Merino Wool in Ecru (white). Think I'll be making some more mittens for me when these ones are done. Anyway, more about this later. I need to go to bed.

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