30 June 2011

re-do the re-do

Do you remember I frogged some of my pixie beanie and got to work reshaping it? Well, I've frogged it half back again. It wasn't rounding over my head fast enough and by the time I would have worked it to the point I wanted it would have been much longer than I wanted. So I'm redoing it a second time. I had shaped off the leaf pattern before and this time I'm shaping it off a little differently. Hopefully this is the last big froggin' redo I'll have on this project. Usually I don't bother so much but I have such a cute idea in my head that I'm willing to do the extra work to get it right. Still trying to keep track of what I'm doing to hopefully write up a pattern but my notes are getting pretty messy now so we'll see how that goes. Fingers crossed.

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