26 June 2011

wedding in the making

The main event of my europe week was the final weekend in Dusseldorf, Germany where I participated in the celebration of a friend's wedding. What a delight! I even got to be a bridesmaid. It was beautiful and I had a great time.

I also helped out with a few tasks using my creative talents. Best of all was this bracelet. We made her cry with this one. :) All day Thursday was the bachelourette day. We four bridesmaids planned a day of delight and relaxing, in between the blindfolded excursions. We also presented the bride with this bracelet I had made. The note accompanying it read:

Two hearts in one spot as you and your fiance come together to make one family.
A flip flop for M thinking of your Hawaii holiday and many good times together wearing them.
A graduation cap for K thinking of the scholars you were together.
A pair of hands for J thinking of the support and love shared through your prayer partnership.
A palm tree for Kelly thinking of how you met and became friends in California, USA.
One crown because you are now queen of your own family.

The bride also had to wear a sash I made saying "Bride to Be" and we wore badges. We also met up with a bunch of other girls after dinner to go clubbing and they wore badges too. Still, if anyone is getting married or going to a hens/bachelourette night, I still have a whole bunch of these.
I also made a necklace for me to wear on the wedding day. We had watermelon bridesmaids dresses and were asked to get grey shoes so I made a grey necklace.

I also did a bunch of decorating tasks like this candy bar and decorated the cake stand and made a sign for the photo booth they had.
This has taken up quite a bit of time but now that my friend is married and the partying is over I will be moving onto other things.

Note: You can read about the rest of my adventures during my europe week on my other blog.

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