10 June 2011

off and away

I'm as packed as I can be for the night before a holiday begins. Tomorrow I'm off on my long planned trip to Germany for my lovely friend's wedding. Since it's not until 18th June I've planned to scuttle through Paris and Luxembourg on the way. ^^

I still find it odd to think I'm going to be in France tomorrow. I'm sure before I know it I'll find it odd that I've been and I'm back in England again so I'm gonna try and soak it in as much as I can. My camera is packed and the two sets of batteries are fully loaded. I suspect I'll do a number of posts to share my adventure with you all in the weeks after I get back.

As for now, I'm gonna curl up with a Merlin episode and then sleep the night away before my week-long adventure. I hope your week is somewhat exciting and joyous even if not as much as mine.

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