14 July 2010

dragon games

That softie swap I participated in.... Well this is what I made.
Designing as I went, I crocheted him from pure wool; the multicoloured, which looks scaley and quite effective, is a Sean Sheep ball. Starting at his snout, where I did some raised stitches for a boney look, I stitched the purple back and forward for a while, then attached the multicolour and stitched that back and forward joining at the edges as I went. Then I'd stuff him a bit to see if he was the shape I wanted. I also bought appropriate eyes (hard to make such small cute eyes) and attached them before I got to doing the body. Once the body and tail were done and stuffed, I added ears, wings with more boney-look raised stitches and legs. I made the back legs with a round piece and a long piece for big animal-like back legs and gave him little front arm/legs. And I attached the wings at the base so they can flap around.
He seemed adventurous and curious and full of energy.
Still young though and yet to master a lot--including flying.
He has a bit of a temper but thankfully his fire-breathing hasn't come into full adult capabilities. He seems quite happy in his new home too where he's loved and played with.

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  1. Oh, he's so cute! I love him. Especially his wings & tail.