31 July 2010

Yarn Fest -- Fashion Show

While at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show in Bendigo a few weeks back, Tam and I decided to make sure we saw the fashion show. They have some outrageous outfits--as all true fashion shows do--but my photos for the most crazy came out blurry.
There were still some odd looking outfits and the type of outfits that I imagine would be in a wool fashion show. I was quite surprised at how normal and nice some of the outfits were and found myself asking, "They're really made out of wool??"

Some kind of woollen fabric that drapes so well. I can't remember what they said it was.
I thought this one was pretty good for a specific-occasion-dress. Flag of my home country. Nice to see some 'Aussie' on clothes rather than 'USA' or other places that seem to be the in-fashion thing.
I was pretty impressed with this woollen bridal gown. I think this was one of the first pieces to be modelled that surprised me with its "that's woollen?" aspect. I don't much like the headpiece though. Why would you want feet up there?

I liked these ones. The first was my favourite entry for the highschoolers competition for a woollen garment that fit the Carnivale theme (of Brazil). The second is just cute. I like the colours too.

The butterfly dress. I think it was THE showpiece. The main event of the fashion show. It's quite spectacular and again surprises me with the woollen factor as it looks so light and whispy.
It was interesting to see how versitile wool can be. I already thought you could do more with wool than most people realised and here my ideas were expanded again! I love to see other's creativeness too. Creativity is expressed in so many ways.

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