23 June 2010

softie surprise

I received a parcel yesterday! I knew what it was...sort of. (I joined in a softie swap a month ago where you make a soft toy for another.) My handmade softie from Tameeka. I'd just checked her blog that day and she'd put up a sneak peek so I'm glad I didn't have to wait long to find out. It was prettily wrapped too. But more importantly, look what was inside...

Isn't he cute? Tameeka, you did such a wonderful job. I love his floppy ears and that he has a cute tummy to match. I like the fabric print used for them too and the fact that it's a random regular print. I like his cute little face as well. Just two eyes and a nose.

He's very friendly and polite. Doesn't talk a lot but that's ok. Millie makes up for it. Here he is meeting Millie. She likes to chatter while she does her knitting. But this little bunny is quite content to listen. He's also considering what name he'd like to be called while Millie is suggesting a long list of random possibilities.
So the softie swap ended yesterday. That's when we had to have them posted by. My little guy just made it. Posted him yesterday near the day's end. Phew! Safe journey, softie. Thanks for hosting it, Tab. It was fun! I look forward to seeing what everyone made...


  1. Aww! Yay I am soo happy that he made it safe and sound! He does look very cute with Millie there. Thanks for being my very first softie swap buddy!
    Tameeka xo

  2. I love his tummy how cute.

  3. Hey just letting you know your Dragon turned up. Your so clever he is just beautiful thanks heaps.