25 July 2010

cherry bolero

Here's my finished cherry bolero. The first pic is as I wore it to the wedding I made it to wear to.

I based the design on the same one as my round yoke cardi but with a few alterations. It's short at the back. (That's why I often just call them "my sleeves".)

I was originally intending on doing a puff at the cuff but I couldn't get it to work. I think I could have with time but the wedding I was intending on wearing it to was fast approaching. So I went with a simpler option which I'm quite happy with as well. It's a bell sleeve with a shammrock picot edging. I also added a bit more to the neck, making a mini collar that sticks up and also has the shammrock picot edging.
It was perfect for adding warmth where I need it most as well as brightening up my black outfit. All without looking too casual.

And these little guys, Mr & Mrs Smith, knitted by Tam at my request (flower crocheted by me for identifying the Mrs) are happily with the newly weds. The story goes that my friends who got married had seen an echidna on each significant day of their relationship. One when he asked her out, one when he asked her to marry him... so these were the echidnas for their wedding day. Cute.


  1. I really like the picot edges; they made it look professional, iykwim ;D. Cute little flower, too. I'd have just tied a bit of red yarn in a teeny bow, but the flower is nice. Hope they like 'em.

  2. I like it very much, you did an awesome job!

  3. I love the Mr. and Mrs. too!!!