03 July 2010

crochet lessons

My 10yo neice was eager for me to arrive and teach her some crochet. My 6yo nephew also wanted to learn. So I decided to take them shopping and get hooks and yarn. Of course once the word was out that if you were gonna learn to crochet you got some goods they were all eager.

Once home and waiting for lunch to get cooked we started. It was different than teaching my sister-in-law coz she had a better understanding in the first place. I had to explain each little thing a bit more. I didn't realise how much technique I used either like even just how I hold my crochet hook. Of course my 4yo nephew didn't really end up doing anything. I think he just didn't want to miss out by the 10yo, 8yo and 6yo slowly got the hang of it and are in the progress of making things. The 6yo was the first to get his head around it and the 10yo when I got to explaining it to her picked it up fairly easily too. Both of them have apparently sat and watched their mum do it which probably helps. More detailed coaching for the 8yo and he's going well too. All are improving every time they pick it up to do some more.


  1. Like the new blog layout :)
    And well done, three new crocheters. I'm looking forward to see what they create!

  2. Yeah, we'll see when they tire of it...