26 June 2010


Mostly just been pottering around the last week with crochet. Going from project to project as I feel like it. I wanted to make something granny-squared and I'd bought some yarn ages ago to do it with. Thick, soft acrylic for fast crocheting. I decided to do a cushion cover and so I started...
Oh yeah, I've been working on stocking my store with some bear beanies. I'm close to completing a couple now. I just found out today that one of the bear beanies I've sold recently has had quite a bit of attraction and I've received a request for a notice/pamphlet to put up in a kindergarten. Might have to get busier with these...
And just for fun I've started this little goldfish from the amigurumi book I got for my birthday. After about 11 rounds I began altering the pattern. Ha ha.
I'm off to Sydney next Thursday to visit my older brother and his family for a week. Apparently my niece is eager for me to arrive and teach her some crochet.


  1. I am so happy to hear that the beanies are a sucess, that's wonderful!
    Curious to see the amiguri.

  2. Excellent, induct another crafter into the world of crochet! I'm going to learn how to make granny squares one of these days. I really want to do them but all of my previous attempts have been disasters. Looking forward to see how yours turn out!