10 March 2010


I've been workin' for real (as in paid job)! I got a new job which fills in my hours around my nanny work quite nicely. Data entry in an office and I'm enjoying it. It means I don't have near as much free time now that I'm workin' 32hrs a week all up. But I'm not complaining.

I've been workin' on various projects still. Always find the time for that. I just love making the yarn and hook/needles dance together. It's fun to watch a useful, beautiful creation come into existance too.

And my projects are workin'!! Yay for that.

My new-job-inspired project, my round yoke cardi. The office I work in is cold and this here is the last photo I took of my progression. Though I've been workin' on it quite a bit (coz I want to wear it already) so it's actually as long as my light grey top there now. I keep taking progression photos and before I get to putting them up here I've done a considerable amount more!! ^^ Left my patterns at my sister's though so I can't start the sleeves yet.

My special project is underway and looking good so far. I've not quite done one entire pattern cycle yet and I have no photos either so you'll just have to hang on for news about that one.

The snapdragon flip-tops are progressing well, don't you think? Work on them has slowed a little. They got sided for a while when I started my cardigan. They look like an actual glove now. Bit strange but will look awesome when the flip-top is done.
Rather happy with them except for this. It was a bit disappointing when I turned my hand over for the first time. I moved some stitches around on the needles so this didn't happen on the top but this one would have been from the start of the round. How do you stop this from happening? I tried to make sure I kept it tight but still...grr. So now I'm thinking of how to fix it. My sister suggested picking up new stitches up the ladder with a crochet hook. I think I'll try that but does anyone have other suggestions of how to deal with this frustration?
And speaking of workin', I haven't done any today. I rearranged the lounge so I could turn on the heater again and set up a cosy little corner with my lamp and yarn bag. My projects are waiting for me. I'm pretty sure they're starting to get impatient...

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  1. Congrats on the new job, more money for crafting things!
    Oh, and the cardi and mitts look great so far!
    With regards to fixing the ladder, I'd agree with Alrischa and pick up a stitch along the ladder with a crochet hook. To prevent it happening again, here's what I do:
    When the first stitch on the needle is a knit stitch, I put the new needle under the last needle, and knit the first two stitches tightly. When the first stitch is a purl, I put the new needle above the last needle and purl the first two tightly.
    That has solved 99% of my ladder problems. Email me if you have any trouble!