01 March 2010


The chill is here. First day of autumn and I can sure feel it. It would be a pretty decent day if it weren't for the wind. Gusty and cold. The kind that seems like it blows right through you to your bones. Brr. Well, I'm onto it with my cardigan that I'm making. Yesterday I added to my cooler weather wear. ALL my jeans have holes in them so none feel particularly decent to wear to work. (The office I work in is for a plastering business so the dress code isn't real fancy.) So I got to fixing a pair of my jeans. Creatively of course.
These ones were actually mens jeans that I bought. Nothing wrong particularly except a huge rip in the knee. But since I needed to fix them, I thought I'd just go ahead and re-create them. I shaped the legs so they follow my curves more, added a fancy patch to the knee and gave it some "wings". I wanted to flare the bottoms a bit so I added triangles to both legs. They didn't end up flaring that much and basically sit like bootleg cut which is fine too.
The patch I decided to cut in the shape of a leaf that is on the pattern of fabric I used. You can see a similar one just at the top of the triangle there. It covers the hole nicely in an interesting way. Now the shoddy looking jeans look creatively smart.

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