13 March 2010

when the store shouts

I do like Spotlight. The have a good range of all sorts of creative, crafty and homey things. Hours pass before I realise it when I go in for a quick look. And then, every so often they send me a $10 voucher! So generous of them. Well, they sent me one this week, so last night I went shopping.
This is what Spotlight shouted me. I'd already decided I was going to buy some wool needles coz I lost mine the other week and some bits and pieces to work on a present (not shown to keep them a secret). But thanks to a tip from my sister I decided to treat myself and bought some more sock wool (reduced to $7 from $12) as well. I'm gonna have some lovely blue socks at some point. And, of course, once you're in the store you are enticed to spend more than the voucher is worth. I spent closer to $20 all up but to my credit, what I spent beyond my voucher was supplies for the present. What is pictured is all I bought for myself.

I also got my pattern book back so I started the sleeve of my cardigan and now that I have a wool needle again I can finish that amigurumi that's almost done.

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