27 March 2010


I have been doing a bit of crafting. See my WIPs bars=> They're going up and I'm not lying about the progress. I haven't taken any photos though. My cardigan is one sleeve complete now and my special project is coming along well. Working on my socks a bit more to hopefully get them done by my birthday in May and my loop scarf is so close to being done! I'm gonna work on that tonight while I watch Twilight again and peddle the bike.

I went to my sister's today. Played with the kids. Took them to the playground and there was a community market. I let my 2.5yo nephew play on the jumpy house and bought them each a new jumper for 50c each. And for me... happily spent $10 on four great Mem Fox books. They let me choose 4 instead of being confined to what was in the prepacked four pack. Yay. I chose Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge (a lovely, cute story I've wanted for ages), Possum Magic (a good Aussie classic), Hattie and the Fox (a simple, repetative but funny story), and SailAway--The ballard of Skip and Nell (hadn't read this one before but it's good Aussie story too) and Mem Fox stories have great illustrations too. Took the kids home for lunch and bed while Tammy and I set ourselves up with fresh baked raisin bread, knitting and Lord of the Rings--Return of the King. But the nephew decided not to sleep so we didn't watch much movie. I did progress on some of my projects though.


  1. Love the WIP bars!! LOL
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Sounds like you had a fun time with the kids! Even if they wouldn't sleep afterwards :)
    I'm looking forward to seeing your finished projects very soon! And I'm glad the progress bars are working out for you.