10 August 2009

time spending

What have I been up to lately?? Working on a few different projects.

I wanted to play with my circular needles (first time I've ever tried some) so I started this loop scarf. Also trialing my first ever "lace" work. It's just simple eyelets but is going real well so far. Takes sooo long to knit a round though.

Also been making myself this little 7x7cm notepad. Juicily thick with sketch paper to scrawl ideas and designs for creations and children's stories while I'm on the go.
D'oh! Only had to grab two things but Spotlight had some great specials!! Lol. Oh dear! But half those balls were $1 each and some $2 reduced from $6. And I did get what I went in for too including the yellow wool to inter-crochet with the home-dyed stuff so I can finish my mittens. Sure could have used them last weekend!


  1. Wow, what a great deal on that yarn, huh?
    beautiful notepad. :o)
    have an awesome week!

  2. That was great value for the yarn! Score! Love your notebook, perfect for jotting down random thoughts and pretty too!