20 August 2009


So here's the first one. It's finally completed. I'm quite happy with the way it's turned out and I quite like the mix of colours. Apart from the obvious trial and error and frogging and try again cycle that went on during my inventing, the only problem I came across was I made it a little too long. It stretched with pulling it on and off and so stuck up too far past the end of my fingers. But I wasn't going to frog it way back to the fingertips so I cut into the top and took a chunk out. My challenge was to reconnect the appropriate length so it lined up and the join wasn't too bulky. A challenge that had me putting it aside a couple of times. But I finally managed to make it work!
Isn't it lovely? I crocheted it from hand dyed yarn (the autumn multicolour) that I trialled at my sister's and had to adapt it with the plain yellow. I invented the pattern as I went so my biggest challenge is yet to come...to make it's mate and have it looking somewhat similar!! Though the colours will be reversed.

It's all single crocheted except the cuff which I crocheted with doubles and singles in a length ways ring before attaching to the mitten. The thumb was a bit of a challenge as I haven't crocheted something like that before and as I went I realised I'd need to fan it out in an eclipse shape to make it work. All in all I think it finally worked out quite well. Now to make that second one...

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