29 August 2009

crocheted mittens

This little kitten has finished her mittens and should always be able to find them. Yay! They're done. Two lovely mittens in bright, warm colours. The second one was actually a bit quicker to make than the first because there wasn't as much try and frog and try again. I'm so happy with my cute, cozy mittens. Oddly matching and warm. (One of the many started projects now finished!)
I also got inspired to clean my desk today. It's been needing it for weeks...months! I bought a cutting mat today. A big A2 size one. So I had to clean my desk to put it to use. Mmmm, it's all inspiring again now. A clean, organised desk just invites one to create!
And my cute little display of tools. Some essentials--scissors, pencils--plus some other interesting things like pen and ink, awl, holepunch and that wonderful funky container has coloured pencils inside. And I made one of my little kelgellcreation tags to hang there too. ^^


  1. your mittens are fabulous!
    I need to do some organizing around here badly, but no time or energy lately... oh well, it will come at some point... LOL

  2. Super mittens, they look so snug!
    And thanks for showing me how a craft space should be lol, mine is like a bombsite. You've made me feel guilty now ;)