20 July 2011

some hemp for my niece

I have a niece who turned three at the beginning of July. I made her a necklace and bought her a dress...just like Christmas time in fact. She's such a girly girl it's intriguing to see her own likes develop without specific encouragement. For Christmas I made a necklace for her with cotton and it broke before the day was out (fixed too but still...). This time I found some fun shiny glass beads and some hemp string. That should withstand a bit more pull than a few strands of cotton. I attached a lovely little wooden heart as a pendant and then did random pattern of colours but matching each side. Two beads and a knot, repeat till a decent length. I left a little string at the end so it can be tied in a bow. It should be big enough to just slip over her head but it's good to have that back up. I actually quite like the way it turned out. It's kiddish but a nice fancy kiddish necklace.

On the yarn front, I balled one of the charcoal wool skeins I bought at Knit Nation and started my wurm. I've been really looking forward to this. It's a simple knit but interesting. A fun combination. I've almost finished the band. I left it on my bed yesterday (coz I had to do a round before I went downstairs to start work). We had a real estate guy snoop round the house as the owners are putting it on the market this summer and he mustn't have shut my door properly. This is what I found later. Certainly not the way I left it. Proof that the three year old had been playing in my room.

She'd been in the day before with me while I was balling the yarn and I ended up putting her out of my room coz she thought she'd like to have a play with it. I didn't care for it to be all knotted up. My new Addi circulars are 100cm long and there was no slack outside the ball. Thankfully it was easy to unthread. At least there was no harm done. Not even a knot. So,... enough blogging. I need to knit again. ^^

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  1. Love the necklace, so pretty! And ouch about your yarn. At least the stitches weren't pulled off the needle, but still.