06 August 2011


Not the pattern I'm clicking away with the sticks at but the ongoingness is what's going on. (Did you make any sense of that crazy sentence? Ha ha. It's late.) These are the two projects I've been working away on when I'm feeling like some knitting action. Mainly because these are my two easiest projects. I've been watching lots of tv shows lately. Re-running through ones I've previously enjoyed. Apart from Burn Notice which I haven't seen before. My latest re-run is Dr Quinn Medicine Woman. Reminds me of my youth. I quite enjoy watching these oldies (nostaligia) and watching again how they all began. So tv knitting requires simpleness.
I've rounded the heel on my double stripe second sock. I did have to do that without any shows. Or at least start it that way to remember how to do it. Actually I used Little Red in the City to do the short row heel. Ysolda's book had three different techniques for doing short rows so I tried one of them. I'm not sure how I've done it in the past. I always forget by the time I get around to the next heel. I did a wrapped stitch version. I just feel it was simpler the way I've done it in the past...not that I remember how that was. But perhaps I just need practise. Nice to have the sock taking shape though. I've started on the full circle cabling now so progress will slow a little.
My wurm is coming along wonderfully. It's been my main tv knitting project as it's so simple. I have a stitch count marker so I just knit or purl til I reach my sheep and then know it's time to switch. I think I'm ready to start the top shaping. I'll have to check the pattern. I'm liking the drape of the beanie. I hope it suits me. Part of me wishes I'd got a colour as I intended. But when I decided to buy yarn I could only seem to find nice blues or greens in a solid colour and I already have a blue beanie and a green one underway. And charcoal grey will go with any outfit really. I'm thinking I might pull out my crochet hook in the end and add a spot of colour yet. Give it a bit of 'me' flare. :)

Well, it's off to bed for now. Tomorrow I have a big day of vegging planned. More tv, more knitting, probably some playing with my new camera, maybe a walk and some other general relaxing. I have another block of chocolate to consume too. He he. Ah, weekend....

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  1. Loving the socks, I haven't made a pair of toe up socks for ages. The wurm is looking great too!